Daily Archives: August 6, 2014

Tomato-Peach Salsa 2014

So I may or may not wind up making appliance-dried fruit this year. The dehydrator is larger (read: wider at the base) than I was expecting, and our on-going, building-wide Roach Problem has reminded me (again) that creating a warm, moist, sheltered, fruit-filled environment is maaaaaybe not something I want to be doing right there in my food preparation area.
I sure do miss my balcony right now. Ants I can deal with, if they turn up. But this is just not something I want to encourage.
That said, whether I do dried fruit or stick with, say, peach-nectarine butter (which will be its own brand of deliciousness) this summer, I’m going to need to get on it in, oh, the next 24 hours because that fruit is not going to last all that much beyond that.
I think I may have come up with a way to stage the dehydrator that will keep things relatively under control, provided my fruit doesn’t take more than about 12 hours and I can stay int he house during that time (I have a drop-leaf side table that, with the adition of a protective cover – I don’t want to wreck the wood – might serve as an appropriately sized suport, provided I can do some pre-emptive protective work around the base before I turn the thing on.
So that’s the saga with the dehydrator. Now that I’ve (possibly) grossed you all out, I’m going to rapidly change the subject to SALSA. Continue reading