Full Moon – Thunder Moon Crests

It was a super moon (again) last night! 😀
My lovely wife, and one of her GFs, and I went out and sat on a bench on the corner and watched her come up over the buildings, all orange between the branches. Sh was, in fact, quite large even at that height, and quite lovely as always. 🙂
We spent the day away from the house, riding around the country side on the motorbike (I love being a passenger) – the kind of ride where you go for, like, an hour and a half just to get an ice cream cone and come back again – and then eating amazing (left-over) BBQ’d ribs for dinner. Life is good. 🙂
Also, every town in the Lanark Highlands is having their Garlic Festival right now which means Ontario Garlic will be showing up in Ontario Grocery Stores in, like, the next two days (YAY!!!)
I’ve been making preserves – salsa and dried fruit, specifically – and the Hidden Harvest calls for crab apples and choke cherries have already started. (I admit, I’m kind of holding out for something a little less easily-available-in-neglected-scrub-lots, but hey…)
Our trip to Dalkeith was lovely, it was great to geek about novel-writing with another novelist – I helped her solve a plot hole, and she said my story sounded cool! – and they have offered to bring us some tomatoes the next time they’re in town. Hurrah! 😀
While there has definitely been some overwhelm going on chez nous during the past couple of weeks (ah, months…), the worst of that seems to have broken (rather like humidity when the storm hits, eh?) and things are feeling a little bit back to normal now. Here’s hoping that life will continue apace and that there won’t be any massive speed-bumps ahead for the foreseeable. (Fingers crossed!)
This coming week – I hope – will be full of (a) novel-writing, (b) reading more of Ecstatic Witchcraft, and (c) preserves-making – E.G.: I picked up 5-6 pounds of roma tomatoes today with the plan being to put together two+ litres (in one-cup jars) of crushed tomatoes (with white wine vinegar and a little sugar tossed into each jar along with store-bought tomato juice as a canning liquid) for use through the Winter and into next Spring.
Apple Moon is fast approaching, and harvest season is well and truely here. What are you bringing in? What are you putting up? What are you enjoying right now and what are you stock-piling to get you through the cold that’s (somewhere, months from now) is on its way?
– Meliad the Birch Maiden.

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