U is for Un-Covered and Up-Cycling – Pagan Blog Project 2014

Maybe this is a silly way to go about this, but here we go. I’m currently lacking an altar cloth. This isn’t typically a huge big deal because, for the past seven years, I’ve had multiple small altars all over the house and have put them on surfaces that I’m not worried about over-heating or getting wet.
This time around, though, I’m putting everybody in (more or less) the same place – in part so that, when I have the altars lit, I don’t have to keep running up the stairs to make sure the top floor hasn’t inadvertently caught fire.
But my new altar/shrine space is on top of my fancy marquetry cabinet, and I do not want to wreck that lovely surface.
Consequently, I’m kind of in the market for an altar cloth.
You want to know what I’m considering?
Our new fridge? Rather than putting in the two bottom drawers, we’re just going to slide a Rubbermaid bin into the bottom of the fridge[1]. So we’ve got a piece of glass shelving just… sitting around, available.
So I’m thinking I’ll grab one of my many, MANY shawls – probably the white one that was my grandmother’s (she may or may not have woven it herself, I’m not sure) – and use that as an altar cloth, which I’ll then cover with the glass shelf, so that the fabric and the wood are both covered with a fire-and-water-proof medium that I can put candles and incense on, and that I can wash easily when I need to.
This feels both brilliant-creative (‘cause it is) and a bit silly/opportunistic because… fridge parts? Really? But cooking and preserving are a huge part of my life and my religiosity, so having a piece of a refrigerator incorporated into my altar doesn’t seem entirely out of place, even as it does seem a little… I dunno… like I’m going to wind up in one of those lists of signs that you’re a “red neck”[2] pagan.
In any case, that’s what I’m planning.
On with the washing of the fridge parts!
Meliad the Birch Maiden.
[1] We’ll see how well that works… um… I’ll keep you posted.
[2] I know. And also, really… It still fits. Broke. Prone to fermenting my own ale in a large, plastic bucket and making my altar candles out of re-purposed bacon grease, I have totally used a chicken leg as a wand. Yes, actually, that’s me. On with the fridge!

8 responses to “U is for Un-Covered and Up-Cycling – Pagan Blog Project 2014

  1. We upcycle like mad here; I can’t tell you what we’ve saved on glass by keeping every bit as something wore out and had to go. Microwave plates make the most awesome plant saucers, btw!

    • So true! My next door neighbours have a huge container garden, and most of their buckets are sitting in old pasta pots (water conservation).

      • Ah..the garden. This winter is our big season for completely replanning ours — flower, herb, and veggie. We’ve been rather doddling along too long. Time for some direction as our weather changed make the usual doddling unproductive and wasteful here now.

      • Got it. I have to say, I’m excited about starting my own garden when our spring comes back around. Right now, I’ve got a bunch of flower bulbs to put in the front yard (literally: three square feet of turf by the front stoop) and the rest will wait until the snow has come and gone again. 🙂

      • The wildlife around here has eaten more bulbs than I can count. So aside from old style bearded iris rhizomes, I will not be putting more of that in flower beds. Of course, they do not eat the poisonous autumn crocus bulbs (not more than once!), so those keep reproducing.

        We will be looking into areas to xeroscape and moving more thirsty things to shadier areas as well. I hope your bulbs reward you with glorious blossoms…it is always so nice to look forward to that springtime display!

  2. Sounds a bit like the same dilemma the wife and I have about altars: we can’t put it anywhere the seven- or two-year old girls can get at it. I’d like to have a regular, fixed space to lay out my cards, especially for the “clock” readings that change every day, but so far it’s a waiting game for the toddler to get old enough to understand what she can and can’t destroy. The wife and I are going to get the girls on their paths when they’re old enough to understand and appreciate their practices, but yeah… always trying to find a way to make things work with what we have, lol

    • Oh,man. All I have to deal with is a parrot who likes to land on stuff. I tend to make due with whatever flat surface is available – like… light a candle and use the kitchen table kind of thing. How goes the search?

  3. Eh, not well. There’s the kids, who scatter anything from the waist down, and then there’s the cats who tend to jump onto anything from the waist up. I’ve considered buying a so-called “floating” shelf at the WalMart or elsewhere and installing that in a bedroom corner, but it’s just not working out right now. I don’t feel really torn up about it, just… when they told me that having kids would mean other things would have to wait, I didn’t realize they meant quite like this, lol

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