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It begins with sight

Particularly this one on honouring local landspirits. Things to think about: How do you honour these spirits when you’re occupying their land? #MMIW #decolonization #nopipeline When thsoe particular ancestors aren’t yours and maybe you’ll never be able to see them? How do you still do this important & necessary work? How do you Ethically and Respectfully Pagan as a settler?

Empires Crumble

Lotsa links about anti-colonialism & anti-racism in Paganism. Go check it out! 😀

Rhyd Wildermuth

empire crumble Patch by Alley Valkyrie (click image to see more)

Gods&Radicals is now open to the public!  While not ‘active’ yet, there’s plenty of stuff to see there.  I recommend particularly perusing the list of fantastic writers therein!

Also, Many Gods West has announced an initial selection of presenters.  Also, a fantastic list.

Sannion’s got a great (I mean very, very great) series regarding honoring the land and the ancestors of that land.  This piece is quite good, and this other piece is quite very good.  Few have done much work to compile the theoretical framework of an anti-colonialist localized worship, and he’s on it.

And speaking of anti-colonialism and anti-racism. did you read this piece by Brennos? I’m surprised it didn’t get much attention–it’s a great piece, and also points to some questions about the (de-)politicisation of religion, particularly Paganism.

Those questions are beginning to be asked…

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