The Spindle of Necessity

Another Witchy Type talking about the spiritual elements of hand-spinning! Go read! 😀

Knot Magick

I’ve made no secret that I think crochet is absolutely magical; Its good for body* mind and soul as well as being a useful tool in the witches toolbox, but I thought it was time to consider spinning both magical and mundane. As well as my own use of spinning in my magical practice I’m going to look as spinning and the spindle whorl fïrom the perspective of the Greeks and Plato. Although there are many other cultures around the world that utilise the drop spindle and have their own myths and beliefs that surround it the Greek culture dovetails nicely into my own praxis and interests, and means I’m responding to a kick from the Universe through a series of fortuitous circumstances.

In this post when I talk about spinning I am referring to the process of making thread using a drop spindle. As a method of producing thread…

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