Full Moon – SnowMelt Moon Crests

So the snow continues to melt (and fall again, and melt again, as is the way of things in Ontario, apparently). My sister gave birth on Friday. We are babysitting the pet cockatiel of one of my lovely wife’s Other Partners while said partner visits a friend out of town. Eat From the Larder Month has begun (and is still in the easy stages). I’ve made more beeswax tealights and remembered to light up my altars today. My wife and I slow-danced in the living room and we finalized (uh… for a given value of “finalized”) the design for the garden’s raised beds. I’m drinking tequilla (straight) for the first time. It’s… a weird drink. But hey.
I finished my nibbling’s baby blanket – my mom is taking it, along with a co-ordinating cowl/infinity-scarf/knitted-accessory for my sister, down to Calgary late next week when she visits for a few days. Currently working on a co-ordinating scarf for my sister’s fiance/baby-daddy/partner so that Everybody Gets A Thing, though the scarf (and an accompanying “Welcome to the family!” card for baby Zain) will be sent by mail once it’s finished (2 more days, unless I want to spend every waking hour knitting, which I don’t – shocking, I know, but It’s Spring).
The perfume/ritual oil that I ordered from The Mermaid and the Crow… works? I’m saying that tentatively because (a) magic means pushing the odds in your favour, so maybe it’s not shocking that the responses I’m getting are largely from reasonably expectable corners, but also (b) It’s Spring (among other sitautions) and Certain People tend to be a little more energetic in X department at this time of year anyway. I think we’re all a little bit solar-powered in that regard, though I could be wrong.
I confess, a little part of me is going “What have I gotten myself into” on this front, but I’m a Big Fraidy Cat, so it’s almost definitely nothing to actually worry about.
Anyway. I feel like life is (finally) starting to look up. Here’s hoping it keeps going like this. 🙂
By the time this Lunar Cycle ends, we’ll be on the train home from Toronto and, hopefully, the front yard will be full of tulips and daffodils (or, well, crocuses and scilla, because the tulips and daffs won’t be up until early May) instead of snow.
Big changes coming. Good ones, I hope.
Meliad the Birch Maiden.

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