Full Moon – Rose/Strawberry Moon Crests

I have been picking berries. A single, deep red strawberry from my garden (and another on the way), a handful or two of serviceberries, almost a litre of red currants hastily plucked while wearing my “Of Course I Can Pick These Berries” skin – they’re going to Toronto with us, for our Archivist’s birthday dinner on Sunday.
My zucchini plant (I think) is starting to trail along the ground. My sugar peas are swelling in their pods. My eggplant bloomed this morning! 😀
I’ve been experimenting just a little bit with actively working my glamour. It’s still a very iffy thing, and it doesn’t necessarily work all the time, but some of it I’ve got down (see above, re: Goblin Fruit berries).
My lovely wife is opening her own Outside-the-House shop space for her leatherwork business inside of the next two weeks (if all goes well)! 😀
I’ve managed to wrangle some casual-hours reliable paid work(!) which is making my life a whole lot easier.
It’s been bucketing down rain today, and July is due to be chilly (for a given value of “chilly” that takes “July” into account). I hope my extra squash plants germinate and thrive in spite of that (and, more to the point, that the seeds don’t rot before they have the chance to get big and strong).
I’ve been using today – a stat, in Canada – to get packed for my trip and get all of the Birthday Feast stuff organized in the kitchen. I leave tomorrow, and I’m really excited for it all. Seeing my girl, yes, but also meeting other folks while I’m there. I’m going to see if I can’t work a little bit of glamour magic while I’m at it.

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