Daily Archives: July 14, 2015

New Moon – Bean/Raspberry/Rain Moon Begins

The clouds are threatening (again), but I confess that my calling this “Rain Moon” is more wishful thinking (or request) than reality right now. I need to feed my plants. They could do with the rain (we got a tiny bit between 11:30am and 1:30pm today, but hardly anything I’d even consider calling a storm. Still. The everbearing raspberries are ripening (they’ll keep doing this for another two months, easily) in the alley to the point that I went out and picked a litre of them to put up in the freezer today, and my pole/runner beans are starting to put out flowers and even fruit. 🙂
This is the moon that contains Lammas, the feast of the first harvest, when tomatoes, zucchini, beans, and lots of other summer goodies start (one hopes! Don’t count those chickens before they hatch!) to flood into kitchens in this neck of the woods. As such, it’s very much a time of “Is this gonna work out?”
Chez nous, this is hanging pretty heavily over our heads. My wife gets the keys to her 100%-self-employed shop inside of a week, she’s about to leave her Day Job (is training her replacement right now, in fact); she feels like she’s in free-fall and still “waiting for the parachute to open”. Our mutual partner’s primary is coming home just before this moon hits Full, and that’ll bring its own set of changes. My garden is heavy with fruit, but it’s mostly not ripe yet, and this is what I want us to be living off of, as much as possible, over the winter. I just started a new, casual-hours job. My girlfriend is in the “hang in there” period where she’s trying to negotiate/facilitate a project that would get her (some) work in her field, and build a lot of connections where they’re needed… but nothing is certain yet. My mom is looking for a new job. I just introduced myself to a publisher and gave them the micro-pitch for my manuscript, and got some interest from them, to boot. Is this gonna work out?
Two weeks ago, I did tarot readings for my two girls, and they both had super-positive spreads which, as someone who’s heavily involved with both of them and wants them both to be happy and safe, was kind of a massive relief to see. I have yet to do the same thing for me.
Literal heavy clouds, polyamoury, and finding the joy amid the uncertainty… Dancing in the storm. This is a very Three Of Cups time (well, by my own interpretation of that card) for everyone I care about: Lots of good stuff in the works, happy reunions, abundance, community, and opportunities abound… but a lot of them are shadowed closely by the possibility that things could topple, and we’ll all be running through the rain for a little while longer, getting drenched in the process, before we land safely somewhere warm and dry, with our arms and rubber boots both overflowing. (Yeah, my interpretation is a little bit different from most of them…)
Let’s see what the next two weeks bring.

Meliad the Birch Maiden.