New Moon – Apple Moon Begins

A friend of mine has an apple tree. She’s invited me to swing by with a back pack and take as many as I can carry home with me.
I’m making her apple butter as a thank you. 🙂
Apple Moon is a physical moon, a labour moon. In my case, it’s going to involve about 20lbs of tomatoes and, hopefully, an equal amount of apples, being processed into the main-stays of my winter larder. It’s still hot and humid out, but the days have been getting noticeably shorter (noticeably since Lammas, anyway – just like how, around Imbolg, it’s finally light out at 4pm again) and, even with the heat and easy late nights out dancing (Pride Week is just getting started in these parts, so there’s that), I’m starting to feel the pull of the dark half of the year.
As my thoughts move in that direction, towards the season of hospitality in particular (which, in these parts, starts in early October and just keeps going until some time in March), I’m drawn to the idea of “community care” and the importance (as my wife puts it) of having an open door – of taking people in when they need it. Leah Lakshmi Piepzna Samarasinha – one of my favourite femme poets, and a hell of a tarot reader – asks “What kind of Ancestor do you want to be?” The year is bending now towards maturity, towards harvest, towards plans and intentions coming home to roost: The season of the Witch. What kind of community-member do I want to be? What kind of Witching do I want to do?
I once took a leadership course – Leather Leadership – and one of the questions we had to consider what what kind of leader do we (each) want to be?
I want to be the kind of person who is a community Auntie. Someone who’s generally ready with a spare bed or a hot meal or a kind-but-sensible ear (and the sense to only offer advice if it’s asked for, y’all…) when someone needs it, whether or not I think of said hypothetical someone(s) as part of my Nearest and Dearest or not.
Am I up to the hard parts of the task?
Am I worthy?
What steps do I need to take to get myself all the way there?
I’ve been coming to terms with what my garden is capable of this year, and whether or not I’m likely to get the perenial bed I want given the soil depth I’ve managed. I’m honestly worried about my (basically unkillable) rhubarb plants (plural) and am wondering what precautions to take in order to make sure they survive the winter and thrive next year and years to come. Simultaneously, and in a similar vein, I find myself looking at projects and wondering whether or not it’s okay to let some of them – like my hoped-for-but-not-happening squash harvest – fall to the wayside. It feels disappointing to consider this – I put a lot of time into them, and to find myself wondering if they’re worth continued, concerted effort is… a little bit demoralizing.
I love watching my wife’s ambitions and goals take off and start flying. That’s fantastic in and of itself, but also (from a D/s perspective) it’s great to see My Project – my Servant and the skillsets I’ve been encouraging for the past five years – starting to really bear fruit! I’m so proud of her, both as her partner/spouse and as her Owner. Be told: My wife is fucking awesome.
In terms of my own projects, though, I find myself wondering if I’m just being a lazy twerp by letting things slide on the Project X front for now. Part of me feels outright foolish for not sticking to my guns and pushing to improve my new skillset. Because it is foolish to do that. The other part of me says “You got into that business to make money (and pretty things). You are now making money much more reliably and much more easily by doing something else that takes up about as much time per week. Quitting may be a stupid option, but scaling things back to half-size production? That’s just fine.” And I think that might be the way to go.
Time will tell, but I’ve been on “Vacation” for about six weeks now, and some action has to be taken if I’m going to keep this project on the go.
Anyway. Those are my rambling thoughts at the beginning of Apple Moon.
Meliad the Birch Maiden.

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