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Elemental Tarot Spread (Possibly Something About Relationships??)

Maybe it’s the part where Daylight Savings Time ends right around the same time as Samhain hits and we cross the line into Root Time again, but ye gods the dark falls fast these days! Tonight – because it’s Friday – the altar candles are lit. I’m writing this by candle-light (and modem light, and lap-top light). I’ve got incense burning for the ancestors – Sumaya Ysl, Les Feinberg, Xanthra Phillipa McKay, and all who died this year – because it’s TDOR. Mhyrr, and also a “root chakra” blend that calls up survival and stability.
Fabulous Friday Dinner is in the oven, baking since 4:30 and won’t be served until some time around 8pm, so it’s cooking low and slow and I hope it ends up good. Chicken with green tomato chutney that I made with all the tomatoes still on the vines after the first big frost hit, and another dozen or so jerusalem artichokes (there are so many still in the baskets in the bottom of my fridge – I may need to make up a big batch of jerusalem artichoke soup and see if it freezes well). There is wine chilling in the fridge, and gingerbread cookies from the culinary students at the school I modeled for this morning.
I’ve been talking to my long-distance partner over text-message while I wait for my lives-with-me partner to get home (see above re: around 8pm), and trying to warm up again, since the (weirdly balmy) weather of yesterday has turned back to much more seasonally appropriate (read: cold) temperatures today.
I decided to do a quick, mostly for the heck of it, tarot spread, just to try it out.
Not long ago, I mentioned a tarot spread that offers some State Of The You perspective based on the four elements.
So I shuffled my deck and tossed out the cards.
What I was thinking while I was shuffling was: Everything seems pretty good right now. I’m in a good place emotionally, and my people are… as okay as they can be, under the circumstances. So… let’s have a check-in. What’s up with me, right now?
And this is what I got:
Querant: New Visions (12 of MA), Upright
Situation: Sharing (Quee of Fire – Woohoo!), Reversed
Crossed with: Playfulness (Page of Fire) Reversed
I Think: Ice-Olation (3 of Air), Reversed
I Feel: Stress (7 of Fire), Upright
I Will: Experienceing (3 of Fire), Reversed
I Am: Projections (7 of Water), Reversed
Advisor: The Source (Ace of Fire), Reversed
Overarching Influences: Healing (King of Water), Upright
Underlying Influences: Thunderbolt (16 of MA), Upright
Clarification Card for Underlying, because WTF: Patience (7 of Earth), Reversed

Lots of 7s and 3s in this spread. And a tonne of Fire cards.
Threes, I know, are (1) connected with The Empress (who, in this deck, is called Creativity), and (2) are “Getting the Hang of It” cards, in the sense that “three is a pattern”.
Sevens, on the other hand, are connectect to The Chariot (“Awareness”), its “get up (or maybe wake up) and go”, but also the ideas of (a) arguing with yourself (or someone else) & making some decisions in order to get where you need to be going, and (b) things that you’ve been working on just starting to bear fruit: “You’re getting there, but you’re not there yet”, and (c) the waking of (new? dormant?) desires – Less in terms of a “seven year itch” and more like dangling a carrot on a string in front of a reluctant horse to get it to go where you want.
My Querant Card is New Vision – the Hanged Man – basically a call for new perspectives or… a period of Hanging Around waiting for results. I’m kind of hoping for the former, actually, unless this is a clue that one of those resumes I sent out is going to get me somewhere. (Ha. Ha. Ha. …)
I am – as ever – chuffed all to heck to see the Queen of Fire, well, anywhere in a spread. This is the Hostess With The Mostess, the Domme who actually feels power-full rather than the insecure twerp (the King of Air, ) who’s all puffed up with ego but really quite clueless as to how to actually rule. That it’s crossed with Playfulness is… Either a reference to my need to not freak out so much about Using My Words, or else it has something to do with finding joy in creativity. Thoughts?
I’m not particularly surprised that my “I Think” card is an air card. That’s the suit of “I Think” anyway, so no big shock there. That said, between it and the other 3 in this spread – my “I Will” card (a fire card, conveniently) – I’m inclined to read these as a “getting the hang of using my words” situation. Getting the hang of being vulnerable. Getting the hang of showing it when I want something instead of making the subtlest of bids possible and hoping that I get some sort of response that says “you can take another step towards [goal]”.
I Feel: Stress. Well, no kidding. That’s an easy one.
The less-easy one is I Am. I Am: Projections.
I don’t really understand that one. I Am… arguing with myself about what I can reasonably expect from life/employers/partners? I am… telling myself nasty lies about What Other People Think that are really just my brain being a jerk to me? But how do emotional projections figure into an earth/stability/physical/food/money/land kind of framework? Is this stuff about assuming that nobody will hire me to do [stuff] even though I’m super-qualified? Is this stuff about valuing/not-valuing my own skillsets? Thoughts?
My Advisor Card is all Passion and Creativity! which… has been the case for some time, so maybe I should get on that?
My Influences cards are… a little unexpected. I mean, the King of Water and I are old companions, sure, but this one is upright (suggesting stuff going on outside my own head/heart) and it’s coupled with the Thunderbolt (Tower) card – also upright. I’m not sure what that’s about. I mean, I’ve got a theory, because someone in my life just had the rug pulled out from under them in slo-mo, but… this was also supposed to be a reading about ME ME ME, so… beh? I pulled a clarification card, and got the 7 of Earth (Patience), Reversed. Which, yes, back to me. But I guess… Healing takes some time when the world’s just fallen apart? Okay. I can work with that.
Anyway. That was my reading. If people want to weigh in, they can go ahead.
Meliad the Birch Maiden.