New Moon – Snow Moon Begins

The altars aren’t lit.
The shell cup hasn’t been refilled.
There is no roast slowly braising in the blue, iron pot, no wine chilling in the fridge.
Fabulous Friday Dinner is, most likely, going to be postponed to Saturday (at which point: onions, carrots, frozen chard, sunchokes, and shredded chicken for a stew served with crusty bread, I think), and I’m going to need to make more candles before those altars get lit.
This isn’t a problem.
The fact that I’m writing this – sometimes four words at a time, admittedly, – while earning a wage by answering office phones, is pretty amazing.
But I know I’ve got stock (still) to can, sheets to change, and dishes to do, and those aren’t happening while I’m typing at a desk (here or at home), so… things are piling up, as they do.
I’m planning a trip to Toronto, and waiting for various people to get back to me (about possible work, about dates, about places to sleep) before I book any tickets… Mercury hit retrograde on Tuesday, by the way, so I’m not particularly shocked that there are some delays in communications about this stuff. Doesn’t make me any more patient about it, but it’s a help to be aware of that particular situation. Chani Nicholas (in the above link) says “Make room for not knowing, make room for discovery”, and I go “Okay, that’s great and all, but I’d still like to know I’m not just fooling myself when I say I’m going on a trip.”
Still, I’m looking at what that astrological event is pulling, and noticing how much it relates to the “get vulnerable” and “stop pretending you don’t need things” parts of my 2016 New Year New You project, and… this feels a bit like when I got myself a therapist, walked in, and said “I get ten weeks with you, and I need them to count. Make it hurt. Let’s do this.”
By the time this lunar cycle crests, I’m hoping I’ll be in Toronto, enjoying my GF’s company, and having (At the age of 36, of all things) traveled by myself, for fun for all of the second time in my adult life.
Here’s hoping.
Meliad the Birch Maiden.

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