New Moon – Flower Moon Begins

I let my sage go to flower, because it’s just so pretty. Like: “I want to cut a big bunch of it and set it in a jam jar as a bouquet” levels of pretty. Purple-blue flowers (like all the ornamental, lemony sages people grow in partially-shaded gardens) that are almost neon in their brightness.
The weather is super-warm, even super-hot these days. Hotter than I was expecting. I’m absolutely loving it. We’re dog-sitting my inlaws’ Jack Russel (until Monday), so I’m out and about less than I would be otherwise – I know. You’d think that walking the dog would mean I got out more, not less, but when I go out, it’s usually to run errands or take myself on writing dates, and I can’t bring Himself into every grocery store and cafe I encounter, so… But I’m still finding time to get out on my own and enjoy the sun and the summer breezes and even the sudden cloud-bursts while he’s here.
My garden is planted, and seems to be getting on with growing. A few of my (old) bean seeds have germinated (YAY!) and, hopefully, some of my squash seeds will do the same in short order.
I need to feed my altars, clean my house (again – it’s never-ending), decommission a honey-pot (the recipient is moving, and the spell was location-specific) and make a vat of rotini florentine. But what do I want to be doing? Eating ice cream and lounging in a warm spot of dappled shade. Dancing my ass off at a day-time party (fingers crossed for another Morning Jam, and hopes for a – months away – couple of such parties at Pride in August. I know there won’t be another Early To Bed dance for at least a few months yet).
The plan for this evening is to go dancing with my wife. Tomorrow, talking gardens (among other things) with a neighbourhood friend. The air smells like roses and lilacs right now – partly because everything is blooming, and partly because it’s super humid and so the scent carries really well.
Tonight: Dancing up a storm (hopefully not literally) with the lovely wife. 🙂
MOTION: Riding a bicycle! My wife got a new bike a month or so ago, and so her “little bike” (a white, single-speed bike with a smaller-than-us, so probably pretty standard-sized, frame) has been sitting idle. I finally started riding it a couple of weeks ago and, now that I’m comfortable enough to ride it on the (QUIET, frequently one-way) street, I’m having a great time riding it out and about with her, and on my own. I’m getting better at hills (still not making it all the way to the top of that one at CU, but I get closer every time, and feel less like I’m going to be sick after doing it, so hey!) and was able to ride home with a shoulder-bag full of groceries yesterday, so I’m feeling pretty good. Also: Developing arm-muscle definition! How awesome is that?? (Seriously, a significant motivator for riding this wee beasty is vanity, pure and simple. It doesn’t feel like I’m doing an arm work-out, but I’m getting one anyway. One day, I will actually look like Xena and/or Wonder Woman.
ATTENTION: I have totally jumped on the fan-wagon for Tegan and Sara. Ten years later than, like, everyone I know, but there it is. Blame it on “Hearthrob”. Beyond that? I’m paying attention to my wife, and trying to attend to my own social life, make myself reach out to new acquaintances and solid friends, both. Also trying to up my glamour game (at least a little bit).
GRATITUDE: Okay, in all honestly, I’m grateful that this wee dog is going home on Monday. He’s a charming little fellow, but I’m SO not a Dog Person. I’m looking forward to having my time-to-myself actually be to myself again. On a more positive note, I’m grateful as fuck that my (old) seeds seem to be germinating, and that my make-shift, un-structured 3rd garden bed (it’s literally a heap of dirt on top of a lot of newspapers) hasn’t washed away in a heavy rain (yet). The plants seem to be getting their roots in and putting out new growth, though, so I think I’m edging towards being in the clear on that front.
INSPIRATION: Reading the poetry of other femmes. makes me happy, and reminds me that my intensity is part of who and what I am, and not something to be smothered or down-played.
CREATION: Still in garden-garden-garden mode over here. Would like to be writing more than I have been – by-which I mean writing poetry more than I have been. Would also like to create An Oasis Of Calm inside my house, rather than this chaotic mess of books and papers and dog stuff and shed feathers… it’ll happen. It’s two steps forward, one step back (and sometimes vice versa…), but it’ll happen.


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