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New Moon – Flower Moon Begins

Fava Beans in Bloom. White flowers with black spots. Who doesn't love leopard-print plans?

Who doesn’t love leopard-print plants? 😀

The above picture is from a few years ago. It’s fava beans in bloom, which won’t technically be flowering until, like, July. None the less! It’s flower moon! I have Lungwort and one purple Tulip blooming in my front yard, and a bunch of dandelions, BUT my Crane’s Bill (wild geranium), Carpet Of Snow, and Lamia are about to open up, so here we are. The pear tree next door, and the cherry tree down the street, plus all the neighbourhood serviceberries and crab apples are blooming. Pretty flowers everywhere. It’s a gorgeous time of year.
Yesterday I made bread and yoghurt. Today I’m taking a care package to a kid who’s on her own for the first time and needs All The Things. (I’m bringing groceries – including some of said bread and yoghurt, along with a heap of crushed tomatoes, frozen sunchokes, non-parishables, jam, and frozen fruit – plus gender-appropriate clothes and shoes plus some other stuff). I’m also watering the garden, because the Big Storm that we were expecting yesterday… wasn’t, and they all need a drink.
The New Moon was born in Taurus, yesterday, but is now scooting through Gemini (my rising sign). Uranus just moved into Taurus, too, which is somewhat more significant. Gotta admit that given that the ONLY Taurus in my chart is its position in my 12th House (which, being an astrology n00b, is… I guess basically all the crap that The Moon brings up in tarot? Roughly?) I’m not at all sure what to make of this one. So I’m just gonna go with what Chani says about Uranus In Taurus for me (Scorpio) which… seems to be suggesting that I’m about to revolutionize how I do attachment bonds? I guess?
Heh. Which would definitely fit with the somewhat frustrating tarot reading I gave myself yesterday.
Short version (which is the trio of cards I add to the end: Advisor, Over-Arching, and Underlying): I got The Lovers, followed by The Tower and The Queen of Earth. All those stupid, unhelpful relationship patterns (er… see 12th House?), where I tend to bond to people more intensely when I’m afraid of losing them (because they’re distant or unavailable or super shitty at mutual care) are gonna fall the fuck apart which – going by the rest of the spread – is going to involve (a) probably STILL not dating anybody new for a while, dammit, and (b) learning to “go with the flow” rather than needing to know what’s what ALL the time (ugh… that’s gonna suck). But what comes after that will be flowering, security, and big, abundant, fam. Which I’m so into.
So here we are.
The general message from Chani was: Be your weird, strange self in all your complexity and in all your relationships. Give yourself the room to be your Self.
Sounds pretty good, tbh.
Here’s hoping it goes well.
Shall we do a Tarot Card Meditation? I think we shall:
Revolution (16 Major Arcana, The Tower) Cristy C. Road's Next World Tarot Water Protectors front and center, with burning oil rigs in the back ground. That which crumbles was never meant to last.
Whelp. Motherfucker.
This card has been following me around since New Year’s Eve. It showed up in the above-mentioned reading, and now here it is again, pulled out of an entirely different deck.
I commented to a friend, a couple of days ago, that I’m real sick of seeing it, and that the Cataclysmic Change that it tends to herald must be the kind of thing where a wall is worn away by time and tides, rather than one where something falls down thanks to an earthquake or an explosion.
Things usually break down for a reason. The tower can be a card of shocking insights and realizations. The kind of New Moon in Scorpio revelations that can shatter old patterns, ruts, and destructive habits. (That’s what I like about the Next World Tarot iteration of this card. The thing that is falling down isn’t necessarily a good thing. The loss will be hard – uncomfortable, full of bumps – but the end result is that you’ll be better for it). It can be a card of break-throughs and surprising new perspectives. I’m going to try and see it like that,and to work with that energy when I get surprising news.
Movement: Taking a long walk into Gatineau today. Turned the compost and added (fully composted, from a shop of all things) manure to the raised garden beds.
Attention: Keeping an eye on the garden. Pulling out seedlings that I don’t want (like manitoba maples) in the front garden, re-seeding what hasn’t come up yet. I’m hoping that feeding the garden beds will help on that front. (I still have one big bag in reserve, for when I want to plant zucchini and winter squash next weekend).
Gratitude: Kind friends who challenge me. Trust. Having a spare room to offer people who need it, but also learning that I’m not going to be on the hook as a demi-parental grown-up just yet. Friends who invite me out to play and give me opportunities to try new recipes. A wife who looks at me like I’m a miracle. Friends who send me clothes, just to help me out. Friends who take my no-longer-fitting clothes off my hands. Affordable writing wrokshops run by leather queers. Gods who listen and push and help me out (thank you!). Long, steady rain on freshly planted seeds. Bright sunshine and rising temperatures. Running into friends while running errands.
Inspiration: People who step up to be the grown-up when they’re needed, even when they’re barely out of childhood themselves. I’m in awe of you.
Creation: Got a new poem written, earlier this week, though it needs a LOT of tweaking. Fingers crossed that I can get it to work AND come up with another couple as well!