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To Be a Queen of Fire

I feel like I’m neglecting this place (Syrens, on the other hand, is getting updated like crazy…) so I thought I’d ramble a little bit about tarot cards and the kind of space I’m in right now.

I’ve written, before, about the tarot deck I use — the art work is lovely, and the images talk to me really well (I think I got lucky that way — I found my talking deck pretty quickly, whereas I know there are people out there who go though half a dozen sets of cards before they find one that speaks clearly to them).  I’m glad I’ve got it.  It’s… providing some inspiration in the rest of my life.

See, I’m trying to explore and develop my own sense of power – in terms of personal empowerment, yes, but also in terms of influence on others.  And what is Fire but the suit/seat of Power?  Fire is Action.  It’s confidence and drive and expansion, and all the rest of it, and those are things that I really need to be cultivating in myself right now.

The Queen of Fire in my deck is named Sharing. I love the description of her as one who lives so expansively, who is so sure of herself and the abundance within and around her that she just doesn’t think in terms of fear or scarcity or shame.  These days, I’m trying to hold her up to myself as a model of how to act in the world, in my home, and inside my own head. It’s a very new situation for me because, all my life, I’ve understood my own strengths through the lenses of Forest and (even more-so) Ocean. Now here I am trying to work Fire into myself (it feels a bit like I’m playing a really high-stakes game of rock-paper-scissors, actually).

Wish me luck.

Meliad the Birch Maiden