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D is for Discussion – Pagan Blog Project 2013

So. Last week, I did have the opportunity to chat with a friend about sacred kink, spritual bdsm, and ordeal work. It was good to be able to chat about it with someone else who’s exploring the combination of S/M, D/s, ritual, and personal gnosis. The term “UPG” actually got used out loud!
Talking about this kind of stuff[1] is always a little bit weird for me because, while I’ve got lots[2] of “book learning”, I have very little in the way of natural tallent. It makes for a weird balance of experiences, and it leaves me feeling like “Okay, so I can talk a good game but… Fuck, all y’all are in the NBA here, and I’m still shooting baskets in the park[3]”.
I think mostly I’m hoping (desperately) that I’ll be able to bring something other than (in addition to) my ears to such conversations, and that what I have to say isn’t going to be the equivalent of someone walking into a women’s studies graduate seminar and going “Hey, did you know that sexism is bad???”
Eugh. :-\
What’s that thing? “The first step to knowledge is knowing that we know nothing?”
Yeah. That.
I know nothing.
And boy does it ever suck. 😛
Moving right along.
Meliad the Birch Maiden.
[1] Energy work; being able to Capital-S “See” More-World People, energy blockages (in the physicial or emotional body, if I can put it like that), where there are cracks and potentials and all that stuff.
[2] For a given value of “lots”. I find I’ve read more stuff – so I can direct people to book resources or blog resources when they need it. But I also find that most of the people who are looking for written resources are also people who have a lot of natural ability and have done most of their learning, to this point, through experimentation and Just Knowing and being able to See the results of what they’ve done.
[3] Hah! Basketball metaphor! My Dad would be so proud. 😉

The Tree of Contemplative Practice — And Where I Actually Do Stuff

So I found the below picture here.

A picture of a bare-branched tree, with various branches labeled with different types of active and meditative, communal and individual, spiritual practices

Which ones do I do:

Deep Listening (maybe, maybe not — I try, but I also tend to project a hell of a lot, so… working on this one?)

Rituals (haphazardly)
Creating Sacred Space / Maintaing Altars (again… haphazardly)

Thank-You Prayer
Petitioning Prayer
(General Talking to the Deities Stuff)
Loving-Kindness Meditation (I do this during yoga, but not all the time)

Vigils (sometimes), in groups or on my own

Centering (badly, but I try)

Yoga (rarely, these days)

Dance (which doesn’t necessarily go all the way into ecstatic, but it’s where I tend to aim)
(Devotional Poetry)